The Active Dive Deep Blue fabric is an ideal choice for all your diving needs. Made from a blend of 83% polyester and 17% elastane, this fabric offers excellent durability and comfort. Whether you are exploring the depths of the ocean or swimming in a pool, this fabric will provide you with the necessary flexibility and freedom of movement. The polyester component of the fabric ensures that it is resistant to fading and stretching, allowing it to maintain its vibrant color and shape even after repeated use. The elastane adds stretchability to the fabric, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Moreover, the Active Dive Deep Blue fabric is quick-drying, making it perfect for water sports enthusiasts. It also has excellent breathability, allowing for quick evaporation of sweat and moisture. This helps to keep you dry and comfortable during your physical activities. In addition to its practical features, this fabric has a sleek and elegant appearance, making it suitable for both professional and recreational diving. So, dive deep into your adventures with the Active Dive Deep Blue fabric and experience the perfect blend of style and performance.
SKU: A9956-003
Certificates‍: UV protection
Material‍: 83% Polyester + 17% Spandex
Cover‍: Shine
Weight‍: 190 g/m²
Art‍: Lycra print
Kein Bleichen‍: Kein Bleichen Kein Trockner Bügeln ein Punkt 30 Grad
Colour‍: Blue Colorful
Item weight‍: 0,29 kg
Content‍: 1,00 m
Dimensions ( Width )‍: 150,00 cm

"Active Dive Deep Blue: Exploring the Depths of Adventure"

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Art.Nr.: A9956-003
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